Welsh Assembly Campaign Gets Under Way

I know what you’re thinking (“not another election”), but don’t worry, this one is not for another two years, but the Welsh Assembly campaign started today, and I was more than happy to lend my support.

Llanishen residents were offered not one, not two but three treats today when myself, John and Tom were out canvassing, talking about local issues and introducing our new assembly candidate. And Llanishen & Thornhill are both vital areas to win over if we’re going to stand a chance of winning Cardiff North back in 2021.

Given the current political climate, it will be quite something if we don’t have a general election before then but given voter apathy towards the assembly (and rightly so), we’re starting early to ensure we’re able to get our positive and ambitious message out there.

Interested in learning more about the assembly campaign? Visit the campaign Facebook page.

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