Labour-Run Council Force Closure of Castle Street Using Emergency Powers

Castle Street has been closed after the Labour-run Council used emergency powers given to the Council because of Covid-19.

This closure was done without any consultation and without any scrutiny because of the emergency powers given to the Council in the wake of Covid-19. What this means in practice is that the Council can do things with next to no pre-planning or consultation. And more concerning is that the closure is set to last for 18 months – which, knowing Labour, will mean it will permanently remain closed.

The closure of Castle street came as a complete surprise to residents and businesses across the city. With businesses only told 48hrs before the closure. And cabinet members neglected to inform the Covid-19 scrutiny committee (the emergency committee set up in response to Covid-19) of the plans when they had the chance.

The Labour-run Council are seizing the opportunity to force through things they ideologically believe in (like treating hard-working people who drive to work terribly).

The emergency powers given to the Council to cope with Covid-19 are being used in the wrong way. They are supposed to be so the Council can respond to the health crisis – not force through things that should be dealt with during normal times.

Dealing with Covid-19 has meant the entire country has had to adapt to a new (temporary) normal. And the emergency powers are to allow Councils to respond to the evolving crisis. These emergency powers were never intended for Councils to push the boundaries of what should and shouldn’t be done during the biggest health crisis in 100 years.

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Homebase Llanishen Closing Down

Homebase Llanishen will be closing down this summer, with discounting at the store starting tomorrow.

Homebase, which announced 42 store closures last year as part of a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) struck with creditors, has used a break clause on the lease, with dozens of jobs set to go.

No doubt this news has come as a shock for workers at the store and it’s vital that Homebase helps all affected staff find new work over the coming months.

There are rumours that a house builder has purchased the site and are set to submit a planning application in due course.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE (NOV 2019): The rumour about a house builder purchasing the site doesn’t appear to have come to fruition and the site is now home to a B&M Bargains.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the Drive-Thru McDonald’s was granted planning permission on 18 September, 2019.

McDonald’s Submit Planning Application On Former Harvester Site, Ty Glas Ave

For the past month there have been rumours rumbling that McDonald’s were interested in taking over the recently closed Harvester site opposite Llanishen Leisure Centre. Well, after McDonald’s publicly denying it, they’ve now confirmed it with a bundle of planning applications.

Despite assurances from McDonald’s only a few weeks ago that they were not going to be taking over the former Harvester site, they have gone ahead and submitted several planning applications.

It’s very disappointing that McDonald’s have been releasing inaccurate information about their intentions with the site – obfuscating the community is not on!

Located just a few hundred metres from the gates of Coed Glas Primary School, and less than half a mile from Llanishen High, this will be the closet McDonald’s to a school in the whole of Cardiff. It will also be closer to houses than any other McDonald’s in Cardiff. And, of course just across the road from a Leisure Centre.

Goliath corporations like McDonald’s are of course fully entitled to look after their interests and pursue commercial opportunities that they think will be fruitful. But it is very difficult to see what good will come of a McDonald’s wedged between a Leisure Centre and a Primary School.

We’ve gone from having no fast food outlets in Llanishen, to potentially having 3 in less than 3 years. This rapid change is inevitably going to lead to additional challenges for the community, many of which aren’t obvious right now – but will be over the coming years.

Lots of us like to have the occasional unhealthy meal, but there are enough McDonalds’ across the city for our unhealthy desires to be accommodated – along with a chip shop just up the road from this site.

You can take a look at the planning applications and submit any comments you may have by clicking on the links below:

McDonald’s Submit Planning Application On Former Harvester Site, Ty Glas Ave - Read More