Heol Hir Road Narrowings Removal Consultation

One of our election pledges in 2017 was to get the road narrowings on Heol Hir removed. And we’re delighted to confirm that the Council has recently been successful in securing funding to get them removed (find out more about the funding here).

Further to this exciting news, the Council is embarking on a consultation to hear the views of local residents about what will replace the narrowings.

The Council will be writing to all residents within close proximity of the narrowings, and you can see what the Council is planning to put in place of the narrowings, below.


In place of the narrowing at the top of Heol Hir, the Council is planning to put a table.

In place of the narrowing at the bottom of Heol Hir the Council is planning to put a table with a zebra crossing.

Share your views

If you would like to share any views about the plans you can email [email protected], or write to: Planning, Transport and Environment, Room 301, County Hall, Cardiff CF10 4UW.

Next steps

After the consultation, the Council will put together a Consultation Report, and work will proceed to the detailed design and implementation stages.

We’re looking forward to getting the road narrowings removed in 2020!

1 thought on “Heol Hir Road Narrowings Removal Consultation

  1. What about the two zebra crossings whic the school use, right opposite the Templeton avenue junction? These crossings are so badly placed the entire road is jammed every morning and after school. Surely they should be moved further away from each other. I’m addition, Heol hir should all be made single yellow line to stop parents parking and waiting for their children and adding to the chaos on the roads due to the zebras!!!

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