UPDATE: Unfortunately the Drive-Thru McDonald’s was granted planning permission on 18 September, 2019.

McDonald’s Application: Site Visit on 9 September

In August I attended the planning committee with residents to ask for a site visit about the proposed new Drive-Thru McDonald’s on the old Harvester site on Ty Glas Ave. I am pleased to confirm that the committee agreed to the site visit and will be coming to site on 9 September.

If you are a local resident and are concerned about this proposal, then please come along on 9 September to show your objection. The more people who express their concerns, the greater the will of the local community will be heard.

If you are free on 9 September, please pop down to the site to show your support against this proposal.

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What is a site visit?

A site visit is when the committee visits the site before making a decision on a planning application (or in this case, applications). It’s an important element in the planning process and the committee may see things on the site, that were not made clear in the application, or in the planning officers’ presentation to them at committee.

Can I attend the site visit?

Yes, anyone can attend the site (or the surrounding area, if the site is on private land), but only ward Councillors can directly address the committee whilst they are on site.


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