Planning Committee Grant Consent for Drive-Thru McDonald’s

Yesterday myself, John and Tom attended the planning committee to speak against the proposals for the Drive-Thru McDonald’s opposite Llanishen Leisure Centre, and down the road from Coed Glas Primary.

Although the proposals breach significant elements of the Local Development Plan, and will lead to increased traffic, the committee voted to grant consent.

Llanishen will now shortly be home to a Drive-Thru McDonald’s wedged between a leisure centre, retirement accommodation and a primary school.

It’s a shame that the importance of healthy eating has no bearing on planning applications. The national policy framework simply isn’t developed in this area (yet), and it means that local authorities are seemingly powerless to do anything.

There is no denying that there are some people who want a Drive-Thru McDonald’s in Llanishen, and others who don’t really care. But Cardiff has enough fast food outlets already. And allowing a McDonald’s Drive-Thru to wander in to the suburbs will likely do more harm than good.

Here’s the video from the Planning Committee:

Please note that that video will be available for approximately 6 months from the date of the meeting.