Worst Train Service In The World Gets Even Worse

With Arriva Trains Wales finally a thing of the past, the new rail operator, KeolisAmey (under the moniker Transport for Wales) has succeeded in making a shockingly poor rail service even worse.

Commuters had hoped the worst was behind them when the Arriva franchise ended last October, but things seem to have gone from bad to worse. The new operator was caught off guard by leaves on the track late last year, resulting in over a dozen trains being out of action, and was forced to publicly apologise for train cancellations and revised schedules.

A jam-pack packed train in Cardiff
A good day is when you’re actually able to get on the train from Lisvane & Thornhill or Llanishen stations in the morning, let alone get a seat.
Photo credit: Shaun Jenkins (Councillor for Llanishen & Thornhill)

And all this at a time when local Councils continue to escalate their war against motorists, with ballooning parking charges, fines, more pot holes, speed bumps and whatever else they can think to throw at the poor folks just wanting to get to work on time.

As a Councillor, it’s frustrating that Cardiff Council hasn’t done enough to make public transport better, and not only that, but it continues to trip up, catch out and belittle motorists, at a time when there is no credible alternative for commuters in the city.

How any senior manager at KeolisAmey/Transport for Wales can be happy with how things are going is beyond me. And to add insult to injury, rail users pay gobsmackingly high prices to use the service; it is quite literally daylight robbery.

How we’ve gone from rail pioneers to this mess is a national tragedy and the sooner we have the guts to be radical with the rails, the better.