Information about donating

Thank you for your interest in donating to us. This page provides an overview of the terms of donating to us. It’s important you read and agree to the contents of this page before donating to us.

By making a donation you confirm that:

  1. If you are donating more than £500, then you are on the electoral register in the UK excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  2. You understand that if you donate more than £1,500 to Llanishen & Thornhill Conservatives, we are obliged under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 to report such a donation to the Electoral Commission, who will publish the fact that you have made a donation over £1,500. For more information, please see
  3. Any donation made to Llanishen & Thornhill Conservatives is made using your own funds and is not passed on from a third party.

Llanishen & Thornhill Conservatives reserves the right not to accept a donation, if we do then any monies paid that constitute a donation, or any attempt thereof, will be refunded in full.